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4th Follow-up Meeting of RECYCLED-PVB project in the premises of Technological Centre Lurederra (Los Arcos, 4th of July of 2013).
The 4th meeting of RECYCLED-PVB project (LIFE09 ENV/ES/000501) was held at the premises of Technological Centre Lurederra on 4th of July of 2013. It was attended by representatives of the partners INM, Glassdrive and Lurederra as well as technical evaluators from Astral-IDOM project and from the LIFE Unit of the European Commission. During the session, a brief overview of the project was presented, followed by an exhaustive statement of the results achieved during the project development. Finally, people attending the meeting visited the demonstrative pilot plant, which is implemented in the facilities of Lurederra (Los Arcos, Navarre), to check in situ the operation of the recycling line.
3rd Follow-up meeting in INM (24 Months)
The 3rd Follow-up meeting correspondent to 24 months of the Project was celebrated in the facilities of INM in Pamplona. . In that meeting an exhaustive monitoring of the management actions of this period was carried out, as well as an assessment of the progress in the technical part. Furthermore the plant developed within the Project, which is implemented in the facilities of INM, was visited during this meeting.
Kick off meeting about project RECYCLED PVB in Centre Technologic Lurederra (Los Arcos, October 7, 2010)
Lurederra Technology Center held on October 7, 2010, the kick-off meeting about the project LIFE09 "Design and development of a demonstration pilot plant for the recycling of polyvinyl butyral (PVB)." RECYCLED PVB project is developing an owner technology to a pilot scale, with treatment capacity of 20 kg/h, achieving the complete purification of post consumer PVB so that the recycled PVB is used to manufacture laminated glass.
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LIFE09 ENV/ES000501 RECYCLED-PVB Design and development of a demonstrative pilot plant for the recycling of polyvinyl butyral (PVB)

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