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Technological Centre Lurederra has been studying and researching since 2009 the topic related with the recycling of the plastic material (PVB) contained in laminated glass, having developed a technology that has been subject of patent and that resolves at a very competitive cost the waste management problem of this plastic interlayer, which management currently consists on its incineration or landfill deposition.

RECYCLED-PVB project involves the development at pilot scale of an innovative productive process that is based on the purification and recycling of laminated glass post- consumer PVB from both automotive and construction sectors.

The recycling pilot plant to be developed during the accomplishment of the LIFE project, it will have a treatment capacity of 34 Tonnes/year of PVB, which means that by using the innovative recycling line it will be possible to recycle approximately 30.000 Kg of laminated glass, obtaining at the end of the process a totally purified and recycled material suitable for being reused in the manufacture of laminated glass.

RECYCLED-PVB project, with agreement number LIFE09 ENV/ES000501, has a budget of 1.150.522 € and the European Commission's contribution amount adds up to 480,236 €. The project will last three years (September 2010 – August 2013).

LIFE09 ENV/ES000501 RECYCLED-PVB Design and development of a demonstrative pilot plant for the recycling of polyvinyl butyral (PVB)

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