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Background and environmental issues

Currently, according to data of the European Commission, it is estimated that between 8 and 9 million of vehicles are thrown away each year in Europe. In Spain, this amount reaches 800.000 vehicles pear year, with an annual increase of 6%. One important aspect directly related to the project RECYCLED-PVB is that laminated glass constitutes up to 3% of the total material in vehicles at the end of its useful life. This laminated glass means a residue of approximately 480.000 tonnes per year in Europe which exclusively comes from end-of-life vehicles.

In this situation, Technological Centre Lurederra detected a huge gap in the recycling of the laminated glass, which could be solved by applying new advanced technologies.

After achieving successful results at laboratory level for the recycling of PVB and its purification process, and due to the novelty of the process, Lurederra obtained in 2009 a world-wide patent entitled “POLYVINYL BUTYRAL RECYCLING METHOD” with the publication number WO/2009/118426.

The development of the demonstration pilot plant for the recycling of PVB involves a great relevance concerning to different aspects. In the first place, it offers big economic profits since the production cost of the purified PVB will be of 4-5 €/Kg, while the current cost of virgin PVB is between 9 and 13 € / kg. Another important aspect is that it obtains a recycled product with similar technical properties to the virgin material and this may be used for primary applications (manufacture of laminated glass), as opposed to what currently happens to the PVB waste management.

Therefore, the demonstration pilot plant will involve the existence of an innovative technology for the recycling of laminated glass, which it will environmentally improve all the existing processes, adding a high industrial value and a high economic efficiency.

Main activities and participation of beneficiaries


Expected Results

LIFE09 ENV/ES000501 RECYCLED-PVB Design and development of a demonstrative pilot plant for the recycling of polyvinyl butyral (PVB)

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